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Evidence-Based Instruction: Emerging Best Practices for Effective Teaching & Learning

Oct 4, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
1203 HE Teaching Scholarship Circles This TSC will consist of a series of workshops in which we will discuss the development of engaging classroom activities. During this series, we will discuss and explore teaching strategies that have been shown to lead to increased student interest, more active student participation, and better faculty teacher evaluations. [Details...]
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Best practices in using online tools for assessing students

Dec 14, 2016
10:00 am - 11:30 am
1203 HE Assessment Breakfasts
Best practices in using online tools for assessing students
Presenter(s): Nancy Guerrero (TTLG), Shiao-Chuan Kung (ICIT)

Nancy and Shiao-Chuan will talk about tools to assess students and tools to give and get feedback from students, such Blackboard quizzes, surveys, in-line grading and rubrics. They will also discuss best practices in using online tools for assessing students and suggest some ideas to address academic integrity online. [Details...]
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Assess It! | October 27, 2016


Reflection: “Rubrics: An Undervalued Teaching Tool”

Creating a well thought-out, comprehensive rubric takes work; but the effort is worth it. Rubrics, when used correctly, have a number of benefits. They have been shown to help students become more aware of their learning process and progress, improve student performance, and help instructors quickly and consistently assess assignments from student to student.
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