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  • Finding Open Educational Resources (textbooks, courseware, and ancillary materials which can be freely used, reused, and remixed) can be a daunting task. Adding to this frustration is the fact that OERs are as diverse as the disciplines which seek to employ them. There is no “one size fits all” OER. Enter the Hunter Library’s OER ...
  • How should we equip students with the skills and the resources necessary to control their scholarly and creative production, at Hunter and beyond? The “Domain of One’s Own” movement suggests that students be provided a domain name as part of their undergraduate coursework, and use this space to consolidate and present their academic, artistic, and ...
  • For the final Lunchtime Seminar of the semester, ACERT invited a roster of familiar faces to share lightning talks – no more than 4 minutes, no more than 3 slides – with other seminar regulars and visitors. The event was a hit; before the talks were over, there were calls for more events of a ...
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  • The Office of Academic Affairs seeks proposals from university full time and part time faculty to provide a set of open educational resources (OER) that serve as resources for the creation of general education, pathways courses in tech.
  • Have you ever had someone make a comment that left you feeling uncomfortable about your identity? Microaggressions are an unfortunate part of the daily lives of many. Without recognizing and addressing them, personal and professional performance can suffer. This conversation will discuss microaggressions, how to recognize and address them while still performing at your best level.
  • For the final Lunchtime Seminar of the fall semester on November 1st, 12-2pm, ACERT invites volunteers to present short "lightning talks" on any aspect of their teaching and learning. The topic for presentations is open, and presenters are encouraged to talk about anything that they feel will be interesting to the ACERT community.
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All In East Harlem Showcase

All In East Harlem consists of a wide variety of community-based projects involving Hunter College students and faculty. Our presenters will discuss the initiatives they are involved with, and how their work in the classroom is informed by their work in the field, and vice versa.

OER Showcase: Innovative Teaching with Reduced Textbook Costs

Zero Cost Textbook courses and CUNY’s Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative are important avenues towards lowering the cost of education for our students, and they are also opportunities for us to re-examine our approaches to teaching and learning. In this Lunchtime Seminar, we will showcase a variety of innovative approaches to integrating OER materials into college classrooms.

Learning at the Museum across Disciplines

Hunter’s central location and partnerships with cultural institutions in the city greatly facilitate learning opportunities at the museum. This lunchtime seminar addresses the pedagogical advantages and challenges of designing meaningful and effective activities at the museum, during or outside class time. We will hear how Hunter instructors from a variety of disciplines — archeology, literature, mathematics, language, among others — have incorporated museum activities into their courses and curriculum.

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