Former Faculty Fellows

Each spring, ACERT invites applications from potential Faculty Fellows for the following academic year.  In a year-long appointment, Fellows work with ACERT in various ways, depending on their particular expertise and inclination. Here are some of the Faculty Fellows from previous years. Click on their names to find out more about their work as a Fellow.


Jeff Allred (English)
Laura Baecher (Curriculum and Teaching)
Manashi Chatterjee (Chemistry)
Jessie Daniels (Sociology)
Philip Ewell (Music)
Wendy Hayden (English)
María Hernández-Ojeda
Donna McGregor (Chemistry, Lehman College/CUNY)
Paul McPherron (English)
Donna Nickitas (Nursing)
Janet Patti (Curriculum and Teaching)
Michael Siller (Psychology)
Stefania Porcelli (Romance languages)


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