Digital Pedagogy Prizes: Faculty Assignment Prize

Apply by April 8, 2016.

Day of Digped logo squareACERT is offering a new prize to recognize faculty members who create the best assignments featuring digital pedagogy.

By digital pedagogy, we mean assignments that:

  • use digital technologies to engage students in innovative ways. These technologies may include, but are not limited to, wikis, blogging (e.g,. WordPress), presentation (e.g., Slideshare, Prezi), video and audio publishing platforms (e.g., Audacity, YouTube), websites, mapping platforms (e.g., Google Maps, GIS), and social networking interfaces (e.g., Twitter).
  • generate texts that are published online in some way and accessible by real audiences, be they the entire world via the open web or one’s peers in the classroom via restricted sites or groups.
  • employ traditional academic methods (e.g., textual analysis, statistical analysis, argumentative essays) in new spaces or in new combinations enabled by web-based communication and publication, via online publication (restricted or open) and fostering interaction on the part of the audience by way of comments, annotations, or other dynamic features.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of faculty and staff with expertise in digital pedagogy according to the following criteria:

  • creativity: degree to which assignment expands one’s sense of the definitions of academic work or transforms existing modes of inquiry via new technologies.
  • engagement: ways in which assignment encourages students to engage with real world audiences, questions, problems or issues.
  • design: appropriateness of choice of technology, presence/quality of assessment of assignment’s degree of success, presence/quality of feedback mechanisms from students, clear communication of expectations regarding the assignment and the evaluation thereof.

Prizes of $250, $100, and $50 in credit at Shakespeare & Co. will be awarded to the winners at a ceremony on May 3rd, 2016 as part of Hunter’s Day of Digital Pedagogy event. In addition, winners’ work will be part of an exhibit on digital pedagogy at the Hunter Library in early May. We will accept entries from faculty from any course in any department from the last four semesters (i.e., from Fall, 2014 to the present). Applications are due via this form on Friday, April 8th, and winners will be notified in late April. Please direct any questions to Ky Woltering.

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