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Tool Talk | March 11, 2019

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Voicethread Upgraded: Now with Automatic Captions

If you have been using VoiceThread for mini-lectures or assignments, I bring good news! This presentation and discussion tool has been upgraded. From now on, all new audio and video content created on VoiceThread will have captions automatically generated a few minutes after the recording is uploaded.
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Tool Talk | October 6, 2016


Enhancing student engagement using Airserver

Traditional methods of teaching organic chemistry via lecture do not provide active learning opportunities for students. Instead, meaningful learning occurs when students are encouraged to participate and work on problems rather than waiting to copy instructors’ answers. We report how the use of “iPad with AirServer” in an organic chemistry lecture course can make student thinking visible.
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CANCELED: FITT project showcase

Feb 23, 2016
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
B126 W Lunchtime Seminars
CANCELED: FITT project showcase
Presenter(s): Lisa Anderson (German), Dongshin Chang (Theater), Yang Hu (Curriculum & Teaching), Larry Kowerski (Classics), Julie Van Peteghem (Romance Languages), Aine Zimmerman (German)

Get inspiration for your next project from colleagues who have participated in the FITT program. [Details...]
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