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Student Taskscapes: Understanding CUNY Undergraduates’ Lived Experiences

Oct 17, 2017
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
1203 HE Lunchtime Seminars
Student Taskscapes: Understanding CUNY Undergraduates’ Lived Experiences
Presenter(s): Maura Smale (Library, City Tech) & Mariana Regalado (Library, Brooklyn College)

This presentation explores research on "academic taskscapes": the term encompasses the totality of students' experiences at CUNY, including perceptions of their schoolwork, locations where they work, the tools or support that are available to them, and the people they interact with along the way. [Details...]
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Evidence-Based Instruction: Emerging Best Practices for Effective Teaching & Learning

Oct 4, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
1203 HE Teaching Scholarship Circles This TSC will consist of a series of workshops in which we will discuss the development of engaging classroom activities. During this series, we will discuss and explore teaching strategies that have been shown to lead to increased student interest, more active student participation, and better faculty teacher evaluations. [Details...]
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Teaching Tips | November 3, 2016


Coffee & Pedagogy on First Fridays: Developing a discussion group focused on teaching in the library

You might not know this, but librarians at Hunter do a good bit of teaching. We manage hundreds of invited class sessions every semester as well as many sections of a semester long credit-bearing research course. We teach first year students and doctoral students and everything in between. We care about teaching well and we want to get better at doing it. One thing we do to improve our teaching is set aside a dedicated time each month to get together with colleagues in our department and talk about it.
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