Assessment Fellows Research Presentations and Discussion

When: May 1, 2019, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Where: Chanin Center Insdorf Screening and Club Room, B126 West

Presenter(s): Kirsten Grant (Chemistry), Manashi Chatterjee (Chemistry), Scott Gentile (Mathematics & Statistics)

Moderator: Joel Bloom (Director of Assessment)

Join us on Wednesday, May 1st, for a special presentation from Hunter College’s Assessment Fellows. They will present their research projects and lead us in a discussion about assessment practices at Hunter and beyond.

Kirsten J. Grant, PhD – Clinical Professor, Chemistry Department

“Peer-Facilitated Workshops Enhances Interactivity and Student Success In Nursing Chemistry.”  We looked at overall course grades as they relate to the students’ voluntary attendance to workshop practice problem sessions. Based on three semesters of data, it appears that students who attended workshop sessions performed better in the course overall than students that did not attend.

Manashi Chatterjee, Ph.D. – Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor, Chemistry Department

“Assessing Chemistry Student Learning Outcomes with Gradescope and i-Clickers.” We investigated student misconceptions in solving spectroscopy problems (NMR & IR) in undergraduate organic chemistry courses using assessment data from Gradescope and i-clickers.

Scott L. Gentile – Lecturer, Mathematics & Statistics Department

“Use of free open-source (OER) text books to improve student outcomes in 100-level Mathematics Classes.” In an effort to reduce costs and increase student retention and success, Math 100 (Basic Structures of Math) and Math 102 (Math and Everyday Life) were converted from traditional courses with a Pearson textbook and proprietary courseware to Zero-Cost Courses using OER’s and Lumen. A pilot of this conversion was done in Fall 2018, and the results were assessed extensively. The results of this assessment — which showed substantial improvement in student effort, retention, and success rates — will be discussed.



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