Civic Engagement and Activism in Higher Education

When: April 18, 2018, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Where: FDA Lounge, 8th HW

Presenter(s): Catherine Raissiguier (Women and Gender Studies)

Facilitator: María Hernández-Ojeda (Romance Languages)

This Teaching Scholarship Circle will discuss the role of colleges and universities in the search for solutions to current social, civil, and economic issues. During the four seminars, we will discuss the relevance of community engagement in its various forms: engaged research, service learning, and civic engagement. The seminar leaders will cover contemporary subjects, such as classroom discussions on sexual harassment following the #metoo movement, CUNY activism in the 1930s, and examples of community projects that originated in literature, art, and urban history courses.

All sessions will take place in the Faculty/Staff Lounge, 8th floor 11.30-1.30pm

Wednesday, April 18th

Catherine Raissiguier (Women and Gender Studies) – Incorporating sexual harassment discussion and strategies into our teaching

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