Place-Based Pedagogy in NYC: The City as a Classroom

When: March 12, 2019, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Where: Charlotte Frank Classroom (1203 HE)
Topic(s): Learning outside the classroom, Pedagogy

Presenter(s): Biao Jiang (Hostos); Francisco Fernandez (Hostos); Nora Almeida (City Tech); Jason Montgomery (City Tech); Charles Tien (Political Science)

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At Hunter, along with other NYC-based educators, we often aspire to “use the city as a classroom.” The idea has obvious appeal to students, professors, and administrators alike. New York City’s museums, libraries, and performance spaces offer readymade settings for learning. But the idea of moving pedagogy “outside of the classroom” promises something more – an engagement with the material, cultural, and social landscape that exists beyond the city’s educational and cultural institutions. What are the opportunities afforded by this move? What are the challenges it entails? Professors from a variety of disciplines will discuss their experiences with place-based teaching in the city, from a pedagogical and practical / logistical standpoint.

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