We’ve Completed our Assessment; Have We Learned Anything?

When: February 19, 2020, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Where: HE 1203

Presenter(s): Joel Bloom (Director of Assessment);Chris Scott (School of Education) Kirsten Grant (Chemistry)

As Linda Suskie, America’s predominant authority on assessment, writes, “Assessment reports that end up briefly perused and then filed without any resulting action are, to be blunt, a waste of time.” She adds, “The best assessments are those whose results are used to improve teaching and learning, and inform planning and budgeting decisions.” In this session, we will discuss several illustrative examples of Schools and Departments at Hunter successfully “closing the loop” – taking what they learn from assessment to improve their programs and inform their decision making. We’ll also have an open conversation on ways that participants in the session might be able to put what they’ve learned from their assessments to good use.  While the term “closing the loop” implies a return to the beginning, it’s better to think in terms of continuous improvement, informed by assessment data.

Come prepared to discuss some of your own recent assessment results, and enjoy the coffee, tea, OJ, and light breakfast.

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