Assessment and Your Professional Practice


Assessment can mean different things to different people. At ACERT, we focus on assessment as an integral part of your professional practice – in teaching, curricular development and research.

Assessment of student learning helps you figure out exactly what your students know and can do as a result of your teaching, so that you can continue to innovate and improve your pedagogy on the basis of what you find. It can also help you and your colleagues work together on designing a curriculum that truly addresses the needs of your students, helping them to move through your program more successfully.

Outside of the classroom, assessment helps you in your grant proposals and reports, enabling you to clearly define your goals and measure whether you reached them or not. Foundations like a well-defined proposal that plainly describes how you will measure impact; assessment tools help you get there.

Overall, the goal of assessment is to know more – about your students, about your program – and as a result, be more effective in your professional practice. ACERT is here to help.

For more information on assessment at Hunter College, please visit the Office of Assessment’s web site.


Why do assessment?

Assessment means better gauging my effectiveness as a teacher and taking responsibility for my students’ success.

It not only helps me have a very engaged classroom, but the data I collect helps me understand what my students are struggling with.

Once I know what my students are doing, I can modify my teaching to suit my students’ needs.

It’s been really great to be part of the assessment community at Hunter.


Assessment Cycle

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