Jeff Allred

It was my pleasure to serve as an ACERT fellow in 2013-14. In my capacity as Fellow, I contributed in three major ways. First, I organized and presented two Lunchtime Seminars: a session on “rebooting the group presentation” featuring my student’s creation of annotated editions of T.S. Eliot’s poem The Waste-Land, and a session on “criticism as building and sharing,” with Julie Peteghem, in which we focused on our respective long-term collaborative projects with students, my Yoknapedia and her Digital Dante. Second, I organized and ran a Teaching Scholarship Circle called Web Writing: Making Writing Social, Public, and Shareable. There, twelve faculty and staff explored different ways of using web-based tools and practices to encourage faculty to consider new ways of producing and sharing knowledge both in the classroom and beyond. The site I built to foster collaboration (and demonstrate the utility of the WordPress blogging platform in teaching) is here for those who are interested. Finally, I organized a special event featuring Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Director of Scholarly Communications at the Modern Languages Association. Professor Fitzpatrick gave a fascinating talk, “The Digital Futures of Scholarship.”

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