Philip Ewell

I was honored to be an ACERT Faculty Fellow for the 2016–2017 academic year. It provided an outstanding opportunity to meet wonderful and dedicated teachers, mentors, and colleagues. I was able to lead three Lunchtime Seminars. First, I led “Web scrawlers: Annotating digital objects with students,” in which Jeff Allred and I discussed various new methods for dealing with annotations in the classroom (followed by an Event Capsule). Then, I led “Embodied and mindful teaching: How to use arts pedagogy in the classroom,” with David Capps and Alyson Greenfield, in which we discussed strategies for movement in the classroom. Finally, I led “Strategies for teaching students with disabilities,” with Bob Cunningham and Stephanie Jensen Moulton. I also organized and led a Teaching Scholarship Circle, “Mentoring students of color,” in which I was fortunate to have six core participants: James Cantres, Rob Cowan, Juliana Karras, Ricardo Miranda, Sakina Laksimi-Morrow, and Janet Neary.  Our circle, over the course of four meetings, had roughly 15 participants, and we had vigorous and meaningful debate around the given topic.  We were able to communicate, and keep the conversation going, by means of group discussion on CUNY Academic Commons, which featured blog posts and a repository for relevant readings and materials.


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