Manashi Chatterjee

I served as an ACERT fellow in 2016 – 2017. During this time, I have truly enjoyed organizing and participating in the numerous ACERT events and being part of the various ACERT steering committee and advisory board meeting. I learned a lot about the visions of ACERT at Hunter College and glad to have contributed towards its missions. I also helped spread the word about ACERT programing to my colleagues in the Department of Chemistry and encouraged them to participate at the ACERT events. Last but not least, I have met with many exceptional colleagues outside of my home department, which has made me become part of a larger Hunter community. I would probably never meet them without this opportunity to become an ACERT fellow. Their drive for innovation in teaching scholarship and passion for student success has enriched my teaching practices in numerous ways.

I have organized and presented at two Lunchtime Seminars: a session on Assessment and Exploring Student Learningfeaturing Hunter Assessment Fellows: Kirsten Grant (Chemistry), John Pell (Hunter College Libraries), Scott Gentile (Mathematics and Statistics), Jochen Albrecht (Geography) on September 22, 2016; and a session on High Impact Teaching Practices – The “Flipped Classroom”: Advancing learning through high-impact, evidenced-based pedagogy, featuring Donna McGregor (Lehman College, Chemistry) and Neepa Maitra (Physics) on November 1, 2016.

The September 22, 2016 presentations, explored various assessment tools and how assessment can be used to demonstrate and improve student learning. The panel composed of faculty who are also Assessment Fellows from a wide range of disciplines. We discussed what it takes to build a culture of assessment and to establish, grow and sustain assessment systems and processes on campus.

The November 1, 2016 presentations, explored the “flipped classroom,” an approach to teaching and course design intended to make more time available during class for active learning.  We learned about active learning in classroom using clickers (personal response systems). Donna McGregor presentation “Flipping the Classroom to Level the Playing Field: Enhancing Student Performance in General Chemistry” where she reflected on these practices. Basic components of flipped classroom and peer instruction that lead to better conceptual understanding in STEM courses were discussed. Attendee’s recognized the elements of these “High Impact Teaching Practices” in teaching that distinguish them from more traditional approaches.

I will be organizing a Teaching Scholarship Circle (TSC) called “Evidence-Based Instruction: Emerging Best Practices For Effective Teaching & Learning” in Fall 2017. Here, Nancy Guerrero, Educational Technologist, Technology Teaching and Learning Group, ICIT and I, will meet with a small group of faculty and share some evidence based high impact teaching practices. The TSC will consist of a series of workshops in which we will discuss the development of engaging classroom activities. During this series, we will discuss and explore teaching strategies that have been shown to lead to increased student interest, more active student participation and better faculty teacher evaluations. Specifically, we will investigate successful education pedagogies from the research literature and learn to apply these methods to our own courses. A large component of the series will be driven by open discussion, hands on activities and collaborative instructional design.

Depending on the interests of the group, we will focus on active, student-centered classroom activities using approaches gleaned from four major education pedagogies:

  • Guided inquiry learning
  • Peer instruction strategies
  • The use of a personal response device / i-clicker and i-pads for active learning
  • The importance of assessment

More information on this TSC will be posted on ACERT website.

I have also contributed to ACERT Blog Post under Tool Talk: “Enhancing student engagement using Airserver”.

Please get in touch with me, if you need any additional information on any of the events listed above. I would be happy to discuss with you how to integrate these practices or technology in your classroom.


Dr. Manashi Chatterjee

Doctoral Lecturer and Advisor

ACERT Fellow 2016-2017 and Assessment Fellow 2015-2018

Department of Chemistry

Hunter College, CUNY



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