FITT 2015 – Online Courses

Which courses are eligible?

The proposed course must be an existing Hunter College course with well-defined student learning outcomes, and the fully online option must have the support of the relevant department chair or program head. The proposal must be accompanied by a letter from the department chair or program head endorsing the project and stating that the course will be offered in Spring 2016 or Fall 2016. While proposals for all courses are welcome, priority will be given to the development of undergraduate courses and courses that fulfill general education requirements.

If the proposed course is a multi-section course, then the award can be for the development of one section of that course or for all sections of the course that the faculty member submitting the proposal teaches. If the faculty member teaches multiple sections of the course, she or he may wish to offer one section in the online format and the other in the traditional format for comparative purposes.

Who Is eligible to participate?

Full-time faculty from all schools at Hunter and adjunct faculty who partner with a full-time Hunter faculty member are eligible to participate. All faculty must submit a written endorsement from their department chair or program head with their application. Please note the following:

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