News and Announcements | April 16, 2015

Hunter Assessment Day, April 21

Search “information literacy” on the Hunter College website and you will get a lot of hits from Hunter College Libraries. There is no big surprise there, Librarians as a whole are one of the most active groups of researchers and educators currently writing about information literacy- it makes sense that Hunter College Libraries would have a significant web presence on the topic.

Surveys of Hunter College faculty suggest that many of our Hunter College faculty colleagues are interested in what the library does to support information literacy, but that they are not aware of many of the programs and services that the library offers. It is not unusual to find faculty who do not know that the library has two, semester-long, credit-bearing courses that focus on information literacy objectives, Library 100: Introduction to Information Research and Library 200: Library Research Strategies.

IL Screen Grab Black[1]This fall, we will be reviving an effort to link one of those courses, Library 100: Introduction to Information Research, with English 120: Expository Writing. Our goal is to foster collaboration between the instructors in the linked courses and assess the impact of this course linkage on the quality of student research and writing. As a long-term strategy, we want to develop synergistic approaches to supporting research, writing, and subject knowledge in Hunter’s Learning Communities. Interested in collaborating with the library on information literacy assessment in your courses? Come to Assessment Day on Tuesday, April 21 and let’s talk about it!

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