News and Announcements | February 15, 2017

Open Pedagogy on the OpenLab Event: Annotating Texts in Open Digital Pedagogy

Thursday February 23, 2017, 5:30-7:30pm (Faculty Commons, N227, at City Tech)

*Refreshments will be served. (Thanks to the Faculty Commons for its generous support of this event!)
*Please RSVP and share this invitation widely!

Join the OpenLab Team, City Tech faculty and staff, and CUNY colleagues at Openlab’s Open Pedagogy event, where they’ll be discussing annotating texts in open digital pedagogy. There is an increased push to use digital texts and open educational resources to save students money on textbooks (and to save paper!), but using digital texts in the classroom is often perceived as preventing students from fully and critically engaging with a text. Thanks to the development of new digital technologies, it has become easier to annotate texts digitally, and during this Open Pedagogy session, OpenLab will share a sampling of tools to use for digital annotation, showcase examples of them in action, and discuss best practices for cultivating close reading and conversation in digital spaces.

The following questions will be considered:

  • What challenges have faculty encountered while working with digital texts (perhaps as opposed to printed or hard copy texts)?
  • How can annotating digital texts impact student learning? How can they impact the teaching process?
  • How can you (and your students) use the OpenLab (and/or other open digital tools) to annotate texts digitally?
  • What does the future of annotating texts and open digital pedagogy look like?

Want to learn more about annotating texts in open digital pedagogy and digital reading more generally? Here are a few short pieces for reference:

Don’t forget to attend ACERT’s followup Lunchtime Seminar on March 9, where we’ll will hear from several members of the OpenLab team, who will discuss the project’s development and future direction, including the new Living Lab Learning Library, a space for free exchange of teaching materials and practices.

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