Evidence-Based Instruction: Emerging Best Practices for Effective Teaching & Learning

When: October 4, 2017, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Where: Charlotte Frank Classroom (1203 HE)
Topic(s): Assessment, Course design, Discussion, Pedagogy, Rich media & presentation tools

Presenter(s): Manashi Chatterjee (Chemistry)

This TSC will consist of a series of workshops in which we will discuss the development of engaging classroom activities. During this series, we will discuss and explore teaching strategies that have been shown to lead to increased student interest, more active student participation, and better faculty teacher evaluations. Specifically, we will investigate successful education pedagogies from research literature and learn to apply these methods to our own courses. A large component of the series will be driven by open discussion, hands-on activities, and collaborative instructional design.
Depending on the interests of the group, we will focus on active, student-centered classroom activities using approaches gleaned from four major education pedagogies:
  • Guided inquiry learning
  • Peer instruction strategies
  • The use of a personal response device / i-clicker and i-pads for active learning
  • The importance of assessment
The knowledge we will uncover in this series will lead to activities appropriate for classes of any size and in virtually any discipline. It is our hope that over the course of the series, we will each walk away with some new teaching strategies and have developed at least two new student-centered learning activities that we can test in our current or future classrooms. 

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