Faculty Fellows

Former Faculty Fellows

  • Michael Benediktsson (Sociology)
  • Scott Gentile (Mathematics and Statistics)
  • David Petrain (Classical & Oriental Studies)
  • Julie Van Petegem (Romance Languages)
  • Sarah Ward (Library)
  • Maria Hernandez-Ojeda (Romance Languages)
  • Dennis Robbins (Curriculum and Teaching)
  • Manashi Chatterjee (Chemistry)
  • Jessie Daniels (Sociology)
  • Philip Ewell (Music)
  • Paul McPherron (English)
  • Laura Baecher (Curriculum and Teaching)
  • Donna Nickitas (Nursing)
  • Michael Siller (Psychology)
  • Jeff Allred (English)
  • Wendy Hayden (English)
  • Donna McGregor (Chemistry)
  • Janet Patti (Curriculum and Teaching)

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