News and Announcements | April 7, 2016

Exploring Student Learning: Assessment Day 2016

Our second annual Assessment Day is coming up on April 20th! This day will feature presentations from Hunter’s cohort of seven Assessment Fellows, each of whom is experimenting with ways to explore their students’ learning. Our wonderful Fellows come from across the College – the sciences, humanities, education, the library and advising – and have been building up their assessment chops through conferences and webinars, and meeting regularly as a very friendly little (potlucking) community. So come join us from 10am – 2pm on Wednesday, April 20th in Chanin Language Center, HW – B126. Light refreshments will be served.

In the meantime, check out the following video in which the Fellows explain why they do assessment. Keep a lookout for a detailed program next week, and join us for a fun day! RSVP to



Why do our Fellows do assessment?

Assessment means better gauging my effectiveness as a teacher and taking responsibility for my students’ success.

It not only helps me have a very engaged classroom, but the data I collect helps me understand what my students are struggling with.

Once I know what my students are doing, I can modify my teaching to suit my students’ needs.

It’s been really great to be part of the assessment community at Hunter.

I appreciate that it’s a formal and strategic way of determining whether or not we are in fact attaining the goals and objectives that we have set for ourselves.

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