News and Announcements | October 10, 2018

City Tech’s OpenLab Pedagogy Event, Thursday October 18th

The amazing team at City Tech’s OpenLab is hosting a discussion of open digital pedagogy next week. If you don’t know about OpenLab, it’s an inspiring project that grew out of collaborations among faculty at City Tech over the past ten years or so using Commons in a Box, the same architecture that the CUNY Academic Commons employs, to link the work of instructors and students in a free/open commons.

These events are fun opportunities to socialize and exchange ideas with other CUNY types interested in pedagogy, the digital humanities, open educational resources (OER), and more. Here are the details:

Open Pedagogy Event: Remixing and Sharing in Open Digital Pedagogy

Thursday October 18th, 2018, 4:30-6:00pm (City Tech Faculty Commons, N227)

*Refreshments will be served. (Thanks to the Provost’s Office for its generous support of this event!)

*Please RSVP by commenting on this post. Please share this invitation with your colleagues!

Join the OpenLab Team, City Tech faculty and staff, and CUNY colleagues at our next Open Pedagogy event, where we’ll be discussing remixing and sharing in open digital pedagogy. The OpenLab and other open digital environments create new opportunities for developing readily adaptable teaching materials, easily sharing and remixing content, and promoting collaboration within and across disciplines. We’ll introduce improved ways to highlight and search for open content (such as OERs) on the OpenLab and a new “shared cloning” functionality that allows other faculty to more easily adapt OpenLab course content. Together, we’ll explore benefits and uses of these developments for open teaching and learning, as well as the ethics and best practices of sharing and remixing.

We’ll consider the following questions:

  • What opportunities for sharing and remixing teaching materials do open digital environments like the OpenLab present?

  • How does this contrast with more traditional teaching environments?

  • What are the ethics and best practices of sharing and remixing?

  • As someone participating in an open digital environment, what responsibilities do you have? What responsibilities do you envision for others?

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