News and Announcements | November 9, 2017

CUNY DHI “Lighting Talks” Event This Tuesday

The CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative is holding its annual “Lightning Talks” event on Tuesday. It’s a great event, I’ve participated in the past, and anyone with any interest in the Digital Humanities and/or digital pedagogy should check it out.

As the name suggests, the event features a wide range of extremely compressed talks–three-minute time limit and three-slide limit. While this might seem to encourage glibness and superficiality, when done at a large scale (usually at least 30 presenters participate) the effect is quite different. I have always walked away with my head buzzing and my notes full of names, URLs, platforms, and techniques to slowly unpack in the next few weeks. The most inspiring aspect of the event is the way it decenters the GC and features work from across the CUNYverse, helping us to make connections in ways that are often challenging, given the distances to travel and the pace of our lives.

So come check it out. Full details on the Commons, but here’s the 411:

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm in rooms 9206-9207 at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

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