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ACERT Fall 2023 Lunchtime Seminars (Resources and Recordings)

You can find recordings and resources from the Fall 2023 ACERT Lunchtime Seminar Series below. This semester we focused on the following topics:


Building a Sense of Belonging in the Classroom

October 24, 2023


Presentation slides:

Focusing on Student Mental Health: An Open Q&A

October 26, 2023


First Look: Hunter College Equity Resources

November 2, 2023


The website is divided into three navigational menus, listed below: 


This is about beginning with the self. We cannot do the important work of equity unless we first begin to: (1) reflect on our own identities and communities, (2) start to build our knowledge around issues of anti-racism, justice, diversity, and inclusion.


Before diving into our curriculum and instruction, it’s critical that as educators we think about interpersonal issues; thus, this section of the website will link you into three different areas: (1) getting to know your students, (2) establishing relationships, (3) building community


This portion of the website will help you with pedagogical development; included here are resources for your: (1) curriculum, (2) instructional methods, (3) assessments

Teaching in the New College Classroom

November 7, 2023



AI at Hunter: Stories From the Classroom

November 9, 2023


Resources (mentioned during the session): 

Self Care for Everyone!

November 14, 2023


  • Self Care for Everyone!”, Liz Klein (Special Education), Kenny Hirschmann (Frankfort Center), Gina Riley (Special Education)



All individual contributions are credited above. Many thanks to all the Fall 2023 ACERT Lunchtime Seminars Series panelists and presenters:

Gina Riley (Special Education), Liz Klein (Special Education), Josh Friedman (Psychology), Nancy Hightower (English), Kenny Hirschmann (Frankfort Center), Katherine Winkelstein-Duveneck (English), Stefania Porcelli (Romance Languages), Shiao-Chuan Kung (Center for Online Learning), Nancy Hightower (English), Sal Ruiz (Special Education), Marina Badillo-Diaz (Social Work), Rhonda Bondie (Special Education), Jeff Allred (English), Kirsten Grant (Chemistry), Ingrid Lundeen (Anthropology), Iris Finkel (Libraries), Larry Kowerski (Classics), Jillian Baez (AFPRL), Jody Polleck (Curriculum and Teaching), Staci Ortiz (Counseling & Wellness Services), Suchi Shah (Counseling & Wellness Services)

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