Event Capsules, Teaching Tips | December 31, 2023

Year in Review: 2023 Resources

We’ve collected the resources from our 2023 programming – for you to explore or revisit at your own time and pace:

We are very grateful to all our presenters and facilitators for sharing their expertise and experiences with the ACERT community this past year!

Lunchtime Seminars Recaps

Generative AI Resources

Teaching During a Crisis Resources

Equity Resources

Transforming Our Teaching

In Spring 2023, we launched the first ACERT Podcast Club, focused on transformative teaching, thanks to the support of the CUNY Transformative Learning in the Humanities Initiative and the Provost’s Office at Hunter College.

Reading Recommendations

  • We read and discussed The New College Classroom by CUNY authors Cathy Davidson and Christina Katopodis (free e-book via the Library!).
  • The presenters of our lunchtime seminar on self-care for higher education professionals suggested these further readings.

ACERT on Spotify

ACERT on YouTube

Thank You, Presenters!

We are very grateful to all our presenters and facilitators for sharing their expertise and experiences with us this past year!

Amber Alliger (Psychology); Jeff Allred (English); Linh An (HCAP); Lisa Anderson (German); Marina Badillo-Diaz (Social Work); Laura Baecher (Curriculum and Teaching); Jillian Báez (AFPRL); Barbara Barone (Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center); Joel Bloom (Assessment); Rhonda Bondie (Special Education); Sarah Bonner (Educational Foundations); Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere (Psychology); Robert Buckley (Research Administration); Roy Cardenas (Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center); John Carey (Libraries); Nancy Casella (Educational Foundations); Deepsikha Chatterjee (Theatre); Jamie Cheung (Research Administration); Wen-Shung Chou (Art and Art History); Sandra Clarkson (Mathematics); Diana Conchado (Romance Languages); Sarah Craver (Education Abroad); Rosa Cruz Cordero (CENTRO); Jessie Daniels (Sociology); Cathy Davidson (CUNY); Tracy Dennis-Tiwary (Psychology); Rafael Fernandez (Romance Languages); Iris Finkel (Libraries); Josh Friedman (Psychology); Kirsten Grant (Chemistry); Karen Greenberg (English); María Hernández-Ojeda (Romance Languages); Caitlin Henningsen (Frick Collection); Nancy Hightower (English); Kenny Hirschmann (Frankfort Center); Rebecca Huselid (Psychology); Daniel Iskhakov (student); Mowmita Jabir (Center for Online Learning); Alexis Jemal and students (Social Work); Christina Katopodis (English, TLH); Margaret Keane (AccessABILITY); Jack Kenigsberg (English, Rockowitz Writing Center); Liz Klein (Special Education); Grant-Rodgers Kemp (HRPP); Valerie Khait (Psychology); Larry Kowerski (Classics); Shiao-Chuan Kung (Center for Online Learning); Michelle Lask (Educational Foundations); Shayne Lazar (Career Center); Vicki Lens (Social Work); Gina Levitan (Libraries); Michael Lewis (Social Work); Sue Lipkowitz (Special Education); Vivian Louie (Urban Policy and Planning, Asian American Studies); Ingrid Lundeen (Anthropology); Stephanie Margolin (Libraries); Amber Martin (Psychology); Sissel McCarthy (Film & Media); Travis McCarthy (HRPP); Paul McPherron (English, HCAP); Brittany Moreno (student); Prayag Narula (Hey Marvin); Jennifer Newman (Libraries); Julie Novas (Social Work); Keith Okrosy (Career Center); Staci Ortiz (Counseling & Wellness Services); Angela Padilla (Chemistry, Skirball Science Learning Center); John Pell (Libraries); Jody Polleck (Curriculum and Teaching); Stefania Porcelli (Romance Languages); Eric Reeves (recent BA/MS graduate); Gina Riley (Special Education); Sal Ruiz (Special Education); Renee Schaller (English); Melissa Schieble (Curriculum and Teaching); Suchi Shah (Counseling & Wellness Services); Sudi Shayesteh (AccessABILITY); Olivera Stankovic (English); Abigail Torres (Center for Online Learning); Julie Van Peteghem (Romance Languages); Elizabeth Wall O’Brien (Scholar Programs); Sarah Ward (Libraries); Christine Willard (Special Education); Katherine Winkelstein-Duveneck (English); Barbara Winograd (English); Arita Winter (HRPP); Aine Zimmerman (German)

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