News and Announcements | April 20, 2021

Program Faculty Tech in Teaching Showcase (Tu 4/27 at noon)

Join us for the first Faculty Tech in Teaching Showcase on Tuesday April 27 at noon!

Register via this link and download the latest version of Zoom so you can go from room to room to see the presentations you are interested in.

Presenter School/ Department/ Program Title
Yang Hu Curriculum and Teaching Translating or Reimagining: Engaging Students in the Digital Learning Space
Jaya Rachwani Physical Therapy Asynchronous Student Presentations Using Zoom and Dropbox
Iris Finkel Library Role playing game using Academic Commons and Ivanhoe theme
Anna Shilova Spanish A fortune teller game: Learning the Future tense.
Julie Van Peteghem Italian A Virtual Tour of Italy: Final presentations with Padlet and VoiceThread
Elizabeth Klein Special Education Digital Storytelling for teacher candidates and their students!
Randye l Rutberg Geography and Environmental Science Using Voicethread to Improve Data Analysis Skills and Build Community
Nina Merolle German Creating a community virtually: Using padlet for a photo contest
Adina Mulliken Silberman School of Social Work and Urban Public Health Library
Checking your learning technology for accessibility to users with disabilities: keyboard accessibility
Carmen Brown School of Education A Virtual Tutoring Model that Supports Students, Children and Families
Blondie Natacha L.N.E. Pawa Romance Languages Improving students’ engagement online using e-link
Stefania Porcelli Italian A VoiceThread Interactive Art Gallery
Dennis Robbins Curriculum and Teaching At-home STEM learning using a hand-held digital device
Darlene DeFour Psychology Transforming Assignments to Padlets
Samantha Sheppard-Lahiji Biology Engaging students through VoiceThread in Large Lecture Courses
Ivana Stanisavljevic Mathematics and Statistics Visualization with Wolfram Mathematica
Maria Hernandez-Ojeda Romance Languages Creating professional presentations: Multiple uses of Piktochart
Nga Than Sociology Digital Pedagogy – Podcasting as Sociological Imagination
John Bandman International English Language Institute Calendly Use Presentation
Keith Okrosy Career Development Using Padlet & Zoom Breakout Rooms to Jigsaw Lessons
Leila Gastil Psychology Basic research skills in 6 low-stress modules
Daniel Chan Office of Accessibility Working with Students with Disabilities: Best Practices!
Kate B. Pok-Carabalona Sociology WorkFlowy as All-in-One Course Organization to Empower Students?
Jack Kenigsberg English Using Flipgrid to Activate Prior Knowledge
Iona Wicker German Creating Interactive Presentations with Mentimeter
Ellen McCabe School of Nursing
Using Zoom to teach Health Policy and Leadership: Preparing Undergraduate Nursing Students
Arabella J Pollack Economics Boosting Class Participation with Padlet
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