News and Announcements | November 5, 2020

Week Zero Camp

In this adaptation of module-making camp, participants will build an orientation or welcome module for their students. With these “week-zero” materials and activities, students can learn course information or begin to introduce themselves to each other and the instructor before the first day of class. This allows the instructor to begin the first day of class with a focus on course content and helps students better understand the goals and structure of the course. The camp is 3 days long and includes time for individualized support and for hands-on work with tools such as VoiceThread and Padlet and skills such as preparing students for hybrid/online courses, recording a welcome video, designing ice-break activities and creating plans to communicate and interact with students. At the end of the camp, participants will be required to create and present the materials and activities in the week-zero module for an online course that they may teach in the future.

Please register to receive information about how to join us.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Day Time and Topic
Day 1 & 2 10am – 12pm:
In the mornings, we will review sample orientation modules and discuss communication and interaction plans that you will develop for your course.
2pm – 4pm:
In the afternoon, you can attend tool workshops or work on your “week-zero” materials and activities with support staff online ready to help you.
Day 3 10am – 12pm:
Finish building your module.
2pm – 4pm:
Present your module to your colleagues. Get feedback and gain ideas for improving it prior to launching it!
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