Applying critical race theory in the college classroom: Pedagogical strategies for mitigating racism

When: March 24, 2016, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Where: Charlotte Frank Classroom (1203 HE)

Presenter(s): Steve Baumann (Nursing), Katherine Bloeser (Social Work), Sarah Chinn (English), Darlene Defour (Psychology), Jack Kenigsberg (English), Lynn Roberts (Public Health), Clay Williams (Library)

Facilitator(s): Kirsten Grant (Chemistry) and Meredith Reitman (Assessment)

Critical race theory explores the relationship between race, racism, and power in our society. How does this relationship play out in our classrooms? Among students or between students and professors? And what can we do to counter the harmful effects of racism on our students?

Come join a panel of faculty who participated in a Teaching Scholarship Circle on this subject over the winter break as they share strategies they are exploring to address racism in their classrooms.


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