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Summer Writing Retreat (June 8-14, 2023)

Start off the summer term with focused writing time and peer support from colleagues across the College!

Join us from Thursday June 8 to Wednesday June 14 for writing tips & inspiration, community & accountability, and above all plenty of dedicated time to get your summer writing projects moving forward!

You can participate both online and in person (or a mix of both). Join our Zoom room, and/or come write in the Faculty Center at the Cooperman Library (68th Street Campus).

Sign up here:

Group time and check-ins are scheduled on weekdays (Thu 6/8, Fri 6/9, Mon 6/12, Tue 6/13, Wed 6/14) 9-9:30am. We’ll leave the Zoom room open until 12pm for those who prefer quiet writing time together. At the Faculty Center we’ll have coffee, tea, and snacks available between 9am-12pm. Join in the way that makes most sense to you!

Come meet and chat with your fellow writers over lunch on Monday June 12 and celebrate the end of our writing retreat during happy hour on Wednesday June 14!

Summer Writing Retreat Q&A

Q: Who can participate?
A: All full-time and part-time Hunter faculty & staff are welcome to participate!

Q: How is the retreat structured?
A: We meet every weekday at 9am for 15-30 minutes to share our daily writing goals and progress. The rest of the morning (until noon) is quiet group writing time.

Q: Are we meeting during the weekend?
A: Nope! You can keep writing or take a break, but there are no group check-ins and group writing sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: I can’t make it every day. And some days I can join only at 10am.
A: That’s fine! Join us when you can. Just keep in mind that quiet writing time starts between 9:15-9:30am.

Q: Where are the in-person writers meeting?
A: We’ll be on the 5th floor of the Cooperman Library (68th Street Campus). We’ll meet for check-ins in Hunter East 530, and then in the Faculty Center (across the hallway) for quiet writing. There are several outlets in the rooms, and we’ll have coffee, tea, and snacks between 9am and 12pm.

Q: I’d like to write a little longer past noon on campus.
A: You can! During the summer, the Library is open every weekday until at least 5pm. Check out the Library summer hours.

Q: Do I need to let you know every day if I’ll join in person or online?
A: No, that’s not necessary. Come to the Library if you’re writing in person that day, connect via Zoom if you want to join online.

Q: Group check-ins fly by … My colleagues’ writing projects sound so interesting … I’d love to chat a bit more!
A: We’ll have *two* opportunities to meet and chat with your fellow writers: lunch on campus on Monday June 12, 12-2pm, and happy hour on Wednesday June 14, 4-6pm at Bedford Falls (67th & 3rd). Make sure to rsvp via the sign-up form for either or both events if you’d like to join.

Q: Can I work on ____ during this writing retreat?
A: YES! Past and current writing group members have worked on articles, conference abstracts, translations, dissertation chapters, cover letters, novels, websites, newsletters, grant proposals, teaching materials, presentation slides, blog posts, correspondence, … you name it! There’s no set rule about what you can work on. Use this time to make progress on your writing and projects, whatever form that takes.

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