Event Capsules | April 26, 2020

ACERT Spring 2020 Lunchtime Seminars

As we transitioned to online teaching, ACERT continued to offer online lunchtime seminars. Upcoming lunchtime seminars will be listed in the calendar here. Recordings and resources from previous seminars are archived on this page in the tables below.

Week 1

Date Topic Description
How Are We Doing?
What Do We Need? 
Open discussion of how the transition to online teaching has gone so far. What’s worked, what hasn’t, and what more support do we need?
Facilitators: Paul McPherron (English, ACERT), Shiao-Chuan Kung (Center for Online Learning, ACERT), Jenny Tuten (Provost Office)
Best Practices for Teaching Online In this seminar, we will review online teaching “best practices,” as well as how to create a multisensory online classroom.
Facilitators: Gina Riley (Special Education), Shiao-Chuan Kung (ACERT, Center for Online Learning)
Resources: Recording | (1) Wisdom Wall: Insights from Hunter colleagues, (2) Top 10 Rules for Developing Your Online Course, (3) Course Design and Development tutorial, (4) Online/blended learning pedagogical practices
Teaching large classes online Tools and tips for holding large classes online including offering lectures, giving quizzes, and encouraging participation.
Facilitators: Amber Alliger (Psychology), Michi Soyer (Sociology)
Resources: Tips for engaging students in online meetings
What Should Be Synchronous/
What Can Be Asynchronous?
As you re-envision your syllabus for the remainder of the semester to best promote student learning and engagement in a newly distant-learning environment, you might be choosing between which activities are best suited to synchronous vs. asynchronous learning.
Facilitators: Laura Baecher (Curriculum & Teaching), Shiao-Chuan Kung (Center for Online Learning, ACERT), Julie Van Peteghem (Romance Languages
Resources: (1) Determining Time on Task in Online Education (NYSED), (2) Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning: Which is Right for your Learners?
How are we doing?
Let’s check in!
Checking in after a week of online teaching: how are you doing? How are you and your students adjusting? Will you make changes going forward?
Facilitators: Julie Van Peteghem (Romance Languages), Sarah Byosiere (Psychology). Paul McPherron (ACERT, English)

Week 2

Date Topic Description
How Do We Address Fieldwork During This Time of Distance Learning? In this session we will review some of the core learning objectives of fieldwork assignments and how to capture many of them through “virtual fieldwork” tasks, with unexpected benefits.
Facilitators: Laura Baecher (Dept of Curriculum & Teaching)
Resources: Presentation Slides, Recording
Working Remotely and Homeschooling: A Primer Balancing academic work at home and homeschooling your kids, from professors who have successfully done both. Ideas and sample schedules will be given.
Facilitators: Gina Riley (Special Education), Michi Soyer (Sociology)
Resources: Recording
Joys and Challenges of Teaching Your Children at Home Open discussion and Q and A with former elementary school teachers to support you as you add your children to your roster!
Facilitators: Jenny Tuten (Provost’s Office/literacy education), Nicora Placa (SOE, math education), Michi Soyer (Sociology)
Resources: Elementary Remote Learning & Homeschooling Guide
How can faculty help students with educational technology? How can we help students most in this transition to online learning? What issues are coming up in your classes? Discussion and solution-based Q & A
Facilitators: Gina Riley (Special Education), Abby Torres (Center for Online Learning), Shiao-Chuan Kung (Center for Online Learning)
Resources: Presentation Slides, Recording
Online Assessments Open discussion and Q and A about using various online assessment tools in Blackboard (e.g. Blackboard discussion forums, Blackboard Quizzes, and VoiceThread)
Facilitators: Michi Soyer (Sociology), Sarah Byosiere (Psychology)
Resources: Recording | (1) High stakes tests in Blackboard, (2) Creating Blackboard tests, (3) Options for Presenting Tests and Surveys in Blackboard, (4) Viewing and Downloading Test Results in Blackboard

Week 3 and 4

Date Topic Description
What’s going well?
What needs to be

re-calibrated (again)?
What’s worked, what hasn’t, and what more support do we need? Come join an open discussion of how you are doing as we enter week three of teaching and working remotely
Facilitators: Julie Van Peteghem (Romance Languages); Shiao-Chuan Kung (Online Learning Center); Paul McPherron (English, ACERT)
Resources: Padlet, CUNY Distance Learning Archive (Home | Suggested Writing Prompts)
Students Under Stress During this seminar, we will discuss the many stressors facing students including academic, financial, and health issues.
Facilitators: Marcia Liu (HCAP and Asian American Studies Program); Anika Seidman-Gati (Counseling and Wellness Services)
Resources: (1) Hunter College Counseling Services, (2) Maintaining Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic, (3) COVID-19 and Managing Mental Health, (4) How College Students Can Prioritize Mental Heath During the COVID-19 Outbreak, (5) Self-Care Tips for AAPIs Coping with Racism Admist the Coronavirus, (6) 5-min Video with Tips for Addressing Anxiety by Marcia Liu (IGTV tab)
Online Writing Assignments and Assessment During this seminar, we will discuss what instructors have learned about giving writing assignments and teaching writing online, e.g. how they have changed assignments, expectations, or grading practices.
Facilitators: Mark Bobrow (English); Gavin Hollis (English); Jack Kenigsberg (Rockowitz Writing Center, English), Stephanie Margolin (Libraries); Sarah Ward (Libraries)
Resources: Recordings | (1) Remote Resources for College Students from NYPL, (2) Remote Access to Public Libraries, (3) Jeff Allred Final Paper Guidelines, (4) Rockowitz Writing Center Online Tutoring Appointments, (5) Hunter College Ask a Librarian Chat Reference, (6) Guide to Library Services during the Covid-19 Pandemic, (7) CUNY Coronavirus Credit/No-Credit Policy,
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