Event Capsules, Tool Talk | February 13, 2021

ACERT Spring 2021 Lunchtime Seminars (Resources and Links)

During Spring 2021, ACERT will continue to offer online lunchtime seminars. Recordings, resources, and links from previous seminars are archived on this page in the tables below.

Date Topic Description
Asynch Done Asynch Join us for our very first asynch lunchtime seminar, and learn about the tools you can use to create engaging and effective asynch materials for your courses. You can complete this asynch module, made available this week, at your own pace.
Facilitator: N/A
Link: https://cunyhunter.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0HEF7Aygwqe3MjA
Adding “Stop and React” Moments to Synch and Asynch Presentations In this Tech Tuesday, we will explore a number of free and fun ed tech tools that allow you to create interactivity as you present either live or in an asynch session. These “stop and react” moments engage your students, provide them a chance to pause and reflect on their learning, and offer you formative assessment insights.
Facilitator: Laura Baecher (Curriculum and Teaching)
Resources: Presentation Slides, Recording, PlayPosit – Tour of Hunter College campus, Edpuzzle, Jam Board
Using Social Media in the Classroom In this Tech Tuesday, we discuss including social media based assignments in the classroom! In this Tech Tuesday Hunter College instructors will share their tips and suggestions for utilizing tools like Twitter and Instagram as a part of their course.
Facilitator: Sarah Byosiere (Psychology); Michael Fisher (Women and Gender Studies); Kathie Cheng (English)
Resources: Recording, Twitter for Academic Purposes
Ungrading A number of prominent voices in the academy have questioned not just how we grade, but why we grade altogether, arguing that we need to “ungrade” and move away from usual modes of grading that send the wrong message to students and discourage deep learning. In this seminar, Austin Bailey will discuss how he incorporates ungrading in his class syllabus and assignments, and we’ll open up a discussion about how, when, and where we might be able to ungrade in our own classes.
Facilitator: Austin Bailey (English); Paul McPherron (English)
Resources: Recording, Presentation (PDF), Post-Exam Reflection, Susan Blum’s Ungrading book, ACERT blog post on Ungrading, Jesse Stommel’s blog, BMCC perspective
Assessment with Gradescope Gradescope is a web-based tool that streamlines and standardizes assessment and grading in large and small classes, combining old school aspects of assessment and grading (pencil on paper, working / writing things out) with AI-assisted grading and computerized organization of submissions and grades. Instructors from different fields share how they are using this software in their courses.
Facilitator: Kelle Cruz (Physics & Astronomy); Partha Deb (Economics & Accounting)
Resources: Recording, How to get started (via the Center for Online Learning) – Gradescope menu
Learning online about online learning: Experiences from the ACUE workshop about Effective Online Teaching Practices In this seminar we will discuss the potential impact of the course “Effective Teaching Practices” offered by ACUE (Association of College and University Educators) and its applicability across different disciplines. Having participated in an intensive online training course, we will also debate what kind of training is necessary to become effective an online teacher and whether or not the ACUE course fulfilled its promise.
Facilitator: Michaela Soyer (Sociology), Deepsikha Chatterjee (Theatre), Ivana Stanisavljevic (Mathematics and Statistics)
Resources: ACUE Online Teaching Toolkit
Creating Podcasts for Research and Classes Podcasts are a fun and easy way to enhance your digital presence and make research accessible. You can also create podcasts for your classes! Join Gina and Kevin as they share the story of their podcast, Learning by Living, and discuss the tools needed to podcast from your home.
Facilitator: Gina Riley (SPED), Kevin Currie Knight (ECU)
Resources: Recording, Learn by Living Podcast on Spreaker
Alternatives to Zoom for distance learning The appeal of Zoom is obvious: it’s easy to learn, allows for extras like chat and small group work, and, if you squint, it sometimes feels almost like real school. But there are problems as well: it’s not that flexible, it’s a bandwidth hog and therefore isn’t fully accessible to all students, and, like anything, it becomes a rut we get stuck in. Three panelists will describe their alternative approaches/platforms, including Slack, Google Docs, and Discord.
Facilitator: Jeff Allred (English); Presenters: Chris Wells (Environmental Studies/History, Macalester College), Allen Strouse (English), Andie Silva (English, York College + Digital Humanities, GC)
Resources: Recording
Leveling Up: Intermediate Assessment Let’s take assessment to the next level. After a short intro to refresh our knowledge, Joel and Gina will discuss online assessment, hybrid assessment, and what assessment at Hunter will look like post-pandemic.
Facilitator: Joel Bloom (Office of Assessment), Gina Riley (SPED)
Resources: Recording
Managing group work and presentations online Group work and presentations can encourage active learning, collaboration, and a sense of community among students. But already in in-person classes this could also require a fair amount of planning – for both instructors and students. In this session, instructors will share their tips and tricks and the tech tools used to successfully manage group work and presentations in their online courses – many of which should work in your future in-person courses as well.
Facilitators: Jack Kenigsberg (English, RWC), Sarah Bysosiere (Psychology)
Resources: Event capsule blog post
Strategies for Leading Classroom Discussion on Race, Identity, and Social Equity In their new book Classroom Talk for Social Change, Melissa Schieble and Kahdeidra Martin offer strategies for leading critical conversations on race, identity, and social equity. In this seminar, the co-authors will summarize these strategies and the talk moves they have identified in their analysis of classroom dialogues. We will then open up the discussion for all to think about ways we can lead critical conversations in our own courses.
Facilitators: Kahdeidra Martin (Urban Education, Grad Center); Melissa Schieble (SOE); Paul McPherron (English)
Resources: Recording, Classroom Talk for Social Change (book), Critical talk moves (PDF), Critical listening exercise (PDF)
Playful Pedagogy This panel will explore various ways of making learning more gamelike and/or playful. Integrating play into our teaching is a powerful way to increase student engagement and interaction. We will share examples of activities in which students play their way to mastery (and even design games themselves) using a variety of platforms and techniques.
Facilitator: Jeff Allred (English), Laura Baecher (Curriculum & Teaching), Sarah Byosiere (Psychology)
Resource: Recording, Presentation, Padlet
Book Talk: “Nice White Ladies” On May 25, 2020 a white woman in Central Park called 911 claiming that an African American man was threatening her life (he was not). Video of the encounter went viral and the woman quickly became known as “Central Park Karen.” The same day, and a thousand miles away, George Floyd was murdered as a cell phone video recorded his death under the knee of a police officer. How are these seemingly disparate events connected? Jessie Daniels (Sociology) connects these events, and more, in a conversation about her latest book, Nice White Ladies: The Truth about White Supremacy, Our Role In it, and How We Can Help Dismantle It (Fall, 2021, Seal Press).
Facilitators: Jessie Daniels (Sociology)
Resources: Presentation Slides, “Nice White Ladies” (book)
First Annual Teaching with Technology Showcase @ Hunter College Today we will showcase the innovative teaching with technology happening across all departments, divisions, schools and units of Hunter College! Join us for some “lightning talks” that will spark new approaches for you and re-ignite our appreciation for our amazing faculty @ Hunter!
Organizer: Laura Baecher (Curriculum & Teaching)
Resources: Presentations

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