Event Capsules, Teaching Tips | April 26, 2022

ACERT Spring 2022 Lunchtime Seminars (Resources and Recordings)

You can find recordings and resources from the Spring 2022 ACERT Lunchtime Seminar Series below. This semester we focused on the following topics:


Assessment and Exploring Student Learning

March 17th, 2022

Recording: “Assessment and Exploring Student Learning”, Kirsten Grant (Chemistry), Gabriela Smeureanu (Chemistry), Scott Gentile (Mathematics)

Assignment Redesign: The Why and How

March 3rd, 2022

Recording: “Pre-class Discussion Reimagined,” “Rethinking the Final Assignment,” “Leaving the Final Paper Unfinished”, Jennifer Newman, Sarah Ward (Libraries), Jeff Allred (English), Jillian Báez (AFPRL)

Presentation: Exploded Research, Jeff Allred (English)

Resource: Detailed Course Description, Jennifer Newman, Sarah Ward (Libraries)

Resource: Final Assignment, Jennifer Newman, Sarah Ward (Libraries)

Resource: Final Reflection, Jennifer Newman, Sarah Ward (Libraries)

Classroom and Other Communities on the CUNY Academic Commons

March 10th, 2022

Recording: “Classroom and Other Communities on the CUNY Academic Commons”, Laurie Hurson (Graduate Center); Maayan Barkan (Classical and Oriental Studies) and fellow CCI-2020 leaders Tomonori Nagano, Kazuko Saito; Stefania Porcelli (Graduate Center)

Presentation: Introduction to the CUNY Academic Commons, Laurie Hurson

Presentation: Why I Use the CUNY Academic Commons, Stefania Porcelli

Resource: CCI-2020 Project on CUNY Academic Commons, Maayan Barkan, Tomonori Nagano, Kazuko Saito, Shigeru Suzuki, Asako Tochika

Resource: Course Websites, Stefania Porcelli

Resource: Professional E-Portfolio, Stefania Porcelli

The Flipped Classroom

March 15th, 2022

Recording: “The Flipped Classroom”, Donna McGregor (Chemistry, Lehman College), Elizabeth Klein (Special Education), Dongshin Chang (Theatre)

Presentation: Flipped Class Model (Klein), Elizabeth Klein

Presentation: Flipped Class Model (McGregor), Donna McGregor

Incorporating Student Identity, Purpose, and Belonging in the Classroom

March 22nd, 2022

Recording: “Incorporating Student Identity, Purpose, and Belonging in the Classroom”, Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere (Psychology); Marcia Liu (HCAP and AASP); Paul McPherron (English); Aiesha Turman (English)

JEDI Program-based Mission, Vision, and Values

April 5th, 2022

Recording: “JEDI Program-based Mission, Vision, and Values”, Jody Polleck (Curriculum and Teaching); Joel Bloom (Director of Assessment)

Lessons Learned from Online Teaching

March 1st, 2022

Recording: “Lessons Learned from Online Teaching”, Vicki Lens (Social Work)

Using Choice Boards with Undergraduate and Graduate Students

March 31st, 2022

Gina Riley, Kathy Furlong Silverio, Virginia Gryta (Special Education)

Resource: Choice Board for 5 Theorists, Gina Riley

Using Google Sites for Program-based Information and Adjunct Support

March 8th, 2022

Recording: “Using Google Sties for Program-based Information and Adjunct Support”, Lacey Peters, Carmen Brown (Early Childhood)

Virtual Reality and Simulation in the Classroom

March 29th, 2022

Recording: “Virtual Reality and Simulation in the Classroom”, Alexandra Plavskin (Nursing), Jason Moore (Television Radio, & Emerging Media, Brooklyn College), Ricardo Miranda (Film and Media)

Resource: Takeaways from Jason Moore’s Q&A Session, Jason Moore


All individual contributions are credited above. Many thanks to all the Spring 2022 ACERT Lunchtime Seminars Series panelists and presenters:

Jeff Allred (English), Jillian Báez (AFPRL), Joel Bloom (Director of Assessment), Carmen Brown (Early Childhood), Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere (Psychology), Maayan Barkan (Classical and Oriental Studies), Dongshin Chang (Theatre), Kathy Furlong Silverio (Special Education), Scott Gentile (Mathematics), Kirsten Grant (Chemistry), Virginia Gryta (Special Education), Laurie Hurson (Graduate Center), Elizabeth Klein (Special Education), Vicki Lens (Social Work), Marcia Liu (HCAP and AASP), Donna McGregor (Chemistry, Lehman College), Paul McPherron (English), Ricardo Miranda (Film and Media), Jason Moore (Television Radio, & Emerging Media, Brooklyn College), Tomonori Nagano (LAGCC), Jennifer Newman (Libraries), Lacey Peters (Early Childhood), Alexandra Plavskin (Nursing), Jody Polleck (Curriculum and Teaching), Stefania Porcelli (Graduate Center), Gina Riley (Special Education), Kazuko Saito (LAGCC), Gabriela Smeureanu (Chemistry), Aiesha Turman (English), Sarah Ward (Libraries)

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