Assess It! | October 27, 2016

Reflection: “Rubrics: An Undervalued Teaching Tool”

I love rubrics. As an individual who is assessed and who is assessing others, I find them helpful on both fronts. As a student, rubrics make the grading process more transparent by acting as a kind of road map. They outline each twist and turn the instructor has taken on his or her course of assigning my final grade. When assessing others, rubrics help clarify grading criteria while also speeding up the grading process.


This is why I was excited to blog about a recent article I read on Faculty Focus, “Rubrics: An Undervalued Teaching Tool.” Rather than lay out the wonderful benefits of rubrics (of which there are many), the writer, Dr. Stephanie Almagno, outlines creative ways to use rubrics throughout the writing process that engages students.

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One Response to Reflection: “Rubrics: An Undervalued Teaching Tool”

  1. Lisa Marie Anderson November 7, 2016 at 5:36 pm #

    Thanks so much for this post, Nikki. You’ve given me some really good ideas for how I can get more out of the rubrics I’m using.

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