Event Capsules | October 24, 2016

ACERT Event Capsule – Going long: Designing semester-long collaborations in the classroom

On October 20th, 2016, ACERT held a Lunchtime Seminar titled, “Going long: Designing semester-long collaborations in the classroom,” in which presenters discussed their experiences in creating projects that focused on student collaboration over the span of an entire semester. They discussed their methods, showcased some of their final products, and encouraged faculty members to design their own semester-long collaborative projects.


Lisa Marie Anderson (German Department) spoke about “raising the stakes” of student work through a semester-long project in which she had her students translate four texts from German to English and then build a website in which they showcase their best translation work. She also discussed different possibilities for faculty members to implement their own projects. Her students’ work can be seen here: Project 1, Project 2, Project 3, Project 4


David Alm (Film & Media Studies Department) presented his semester-long project, an online student magazine called, “The Bridge.” His project created a shared purpose for his students that gave them sense of professionalism in their development of a final digital product.


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